We use smart profiling and refined matchmaking techniques to ensure our partner proposals are likely to spark a connection.

Finding love should be an exciting, fun adventure not a difficult struggle.

THE SECOND-FLOOR offices of People Resources, decorated with Art Deco prints and furnishings in soft earth tones, are a study in comfort; here even the shyest stranger would feel at home.

And they all want the same thing you do: to find love. And if your date doesn't work out, nothing's stopping you keeping in touch with an interesting person who might become a firm friend for years to come.

Regulars on social networks will agree: a friend always appears when you don't expect it.

Many fitness clubs offer reduced rates for single men and women.

Nightclubs often have special ladies' and gents' nights, with an emphasis on quiet entertainment in ''civilized settings.'' And more and more travel agencies are organizing group tours for singles, choosing vacation spots where activities are not centered on couples.

Whether these meetings end with sex—that, of course, depends on whether both people want it.

But you'll get your share of positive emotions, because the users of our app are all real men and women.

The lush trappings are those of an exclusive club, but only the files of this organization are restricted.

Tucked away in private rooms, folders and videotapes describing men and women in search of companionship await perusal. ''There is a new and discernable shift in successful singles seeking to leverage their time and energy to produce remarkable relationships,'' says Susan Wallace, president of People Resources. Wallace began the company in 1981; it now has 2,000 active members, the majority of them between the ages of 22 and 49. Wallace operates on the principle that the single life is now accepted as a valid life style, not just a holding pattern for marriage.

Her conclusion: more choice can actually be worse than less choice.

In fact, the more choice her study participants had, the more difficulty they had making up their mind.

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