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Australia has an abundent amount of wonderful things to see and do and we like to help others. The clubs and groups that operate around the country are testimount to that.

The early use of trams was for recreation as well as daily travel, by entire families and tourists.

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All trams except the Glenelg Tram were closed in the 1950s.

The Glenelg line remains in operation and was upgraded and extended in 2007-2010.

Drive through any part of the country and you will still see the old district hall standing proudly in its place near the centre of town, scattered through city suburbs and even still in many case being used for social events.

Aussies have always enjoyed the simple pleasure of spending time over a Walking, hiking and bushwalking are without doubt some of the least expensive forms of exercise, is beneficial to ones HEALTH and is a great social way to get to meet other people.

Photo taken on 14 December 2009, the 80th anniversary of the Glenelg line (and the Type H trams).

Until 1958, trams in Adelaide formed a network spanning most of suburban Adelaide, with a history dating back to 1878.in Australia have always been part of the fabric of the community.Starting mostly as rural townships getting together as community groups, for sport and for the local Saturday night dance at the district hall was even a mainstay of city life until television and in more recent times the internet came along.The three types of tram recently in use in Adelaide.From left to right, Type H tram 367 (introduced to service in 1929, no longer in service), Flexity type tram 104 (introduced to service in 2006) and Citadis type tram 203 (introduced to service in 2009).By checking out those available, and the list is pretty long as can be seen in the link below at the Some people have a knack of keeping friendships strong and everlasting more so than others.