We propose that these ECM characteristics buffer the effect of acidification and explain why certain corals continue to produce Ca CO3 even when seawater chemistry is less favourable.

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Pending Planning for a matric dance – or any major event is exciting but it can also be stressful.

This finding suggests that preserving sensor–effector orientation is a key determinant of linker length, in addition to ancestry, in LOV signaling structure–function.

We found a surprisingly high prevalence of effectors with functions previously thought to be rare among LOV proteins, such as regulators of G protein signaling, and discovered several previously unidentified effectors, such as lipases.

Lists are helpful, so be sure to start planning ahead. 14) MINA The Essential Lip Pencil in 401, R49,95 – A lip pencil is essential to ensure your lipstick stays in place.

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Photosensory inputs are transduced into signaling outputs via structural rearrangements in sensor domains that consequently modulate the activity of an effector domain or multidomain clusters.