Yes, it is obvious that feelings are related to love.The first attraction to love is usually experienced in terms of very strong feelings.Having computers for every student would enable them to save electronic copies of their documents with ease; however, this exercise could easily be adapted for use with pen and paper. For this activity, have students bring in a draft of their proposed thesis statement.

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Some instructors may prefer to use an audible signal, like a bell or an alarm, but there's really no other prep involved.

Write your thesis statement in a Word document and save it to your computer as Last Name THESIS.

However, it would be fatal to identify love with a feeling, because of the ficklenss of feelings.

But, it would be equally lethal to a relationship of love if there were no warm and loving feelings to support the intentions of love.2.

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Now, everyone knows that feelings are like yoyos, up and down.

Feelings are fickle, and people who identify love with feelings become fickle lovers.

I would like to discuss here the various theses of love as expounded by John Powell, SJ. They "fall in love" and they "fall out of love," in uneven rhythms.

Most of us, am sure, identify love with a feeling or emotion.

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