Moore-Bosko’s husband found her stabbed and strangled body in their apartment in July 1997 after returning from a week at sea.Danial Williams, who lived in the same building, was quickly identified as a suspect because a neighbor told police he had a crush on the victim.

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Call Job Centre Plus Application Line on 08 and register for an interview to get a National Insurance Number.

Learn how to travel independently (Public transportation is very well organized and easy to use).

Terry Mc Auliffe declared he didn’t do, Wilson says.

“If I had had some kind of hard proof that proved I wasn’t there, this never would’ve happened,” Wilson, now 40, told The Associated Press as he drove from work to the home he shares with his wife and two children near San Antonio, Texas.

Minors ages 16 - 18 will be issued a Library card without a parent's signature provided they are able to present proper identification and proof of current residential address.

Otherwise, a parent or guardian must accompany them and be able to show proper identification and proof of current residential address for themselves and sign the child's registration form in order to obtain a Library card for the minor.

You may also find the UK legal system differs from that of other countries. Websites and offer helpful information in Romanian. Register with a General Practitioner (GP) close to your home address.