Check out a few of Halle’s most sage pieces of Insta wisdom, in case that’s what your Wednesday needs right now.

Maybe you need to be a bit more present…don’t we all?

And Halle’s latest naked Instagram post expressed her total fearlessness — not to mention, promoted badass total body positivity.

Halle isn’t afraid of a buck naked Instagram photo, and we’re loving her body positive attitude.

They met on Tinder, and though she's dated casually here and there, this marks Glanville's first real relationship following her divorce from Eddie Cibrian in 2010.

Halle Berry is one of the best celebrities to follow on social media because her photos are gorgeous and her captions are chock-full of wisdom.

She’s made it her mission to embrace her body and encourage her followers to embrace theirs, and it’s equal parts refreshing and inspiring.

In her latest pic, Halle took a cue from singer-songwriter and Civil Rights activist Nina Simone for her caption.John O' Doherty of the Rainbow Project said it deals with "clients from all walks of life" who are struggling to come to terms with themselves because they "do not know other people who are LBGT".Rob accompanied the pictures with a series of hostile captions. We will update this story page as the story develops.The big FIVE OH has taught me there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.A firearms officer with the Met has been removed from his unit after posting naked photographs of himself on the internet.Among the material the popular priest posted on the website `Grindr' earlier this year, were naked images of himself and inappropriate comments.