Then I’ll outline a couple of brief, step by step guides to setting up your own chatbot; one of them a stand-alone bot app, and the other one a web-based chatbot. The two main “types” of chatbots are “stand-alone” applications, where the chatbot runs on a single computer, and web-based, which run on a remote server, and are (generally) able to be reached by the general public through a web page.The majority of stand-alone bots also integrate some sort of system interface, allowing your bot to control certain aspects and functions of your computer, such as playing media files, or retrieving documents.

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Ad esempio, uno dei bot ufficiali di Telegram è Stickers Bot e permette, grazie al comando /newstickerpack, di creare una raccolta di sticker utilizzabili nelle conversazioni a partire da immagini a scelta dell’utente.

Tuttavia i bot per Telegram (ufficiali o meno) non si limitano soltanto agli sticker: è infatti possibile eseguire operazioni di natura completamente diversa – dalle ricerche su Duck Duck Go al gioco del Sudoku – ed è proprio grazie a questo che in molti utilizzano Telegram non solo per la sua funzionalità di messaggistica.

Chat Bot Conversations collects the funniest, strangest, and most impressive chat bot conversations between people and chat bots and between two chat bots talking with each other.

They are collected from The Personality Forge, which lets anyone create unique AI chat bot personalities.

While online selling and e-commerce opens a lot of potential opportunities for the sellers, with increasing competition it is becoming more and more difficult to manage.

You need to differentiate yourself and your product from the other players to stay in the game. Let us have a look at how chat bots can come in handy when you are thinking of selling online-1.but also all types of retailers- big or small, regional or international, multi-product or single product which try to sell online.E-commerce has become such an integral part of our lives, be it- ordering food, getting a cab or buying that sexy dress for yourself!Per quanto riguarda i bot inline, invece, è possibile usarli digitando in qualsiasi conversazione (gruppi, supergruppi o singole) “@nomedelbot parametro”, sia da Telegram Web che da Telegram Desktop, senza bisogno di aggiungerli.Un bot che, letteralmente, può scaricare musica da un celebre servizio russo direttamente da Telegram e senza aprire altre app o siti web!With the recent increase in the popularity of chatbots (due, in large part, to the recent 2011 Chatterbox Challenge), I’ve seen a lot of requests in various places, asking about how someone could create their own chatbot, with many of these questions coming from individuals who have no prior experience or knowledge.