She feels that if someone has a problem with her being disabled, “I should not be dating them.” When asked about challenges, Mulligan said her disability “is more in my head.” More often than not, she finds her disability really does not matter.Mulligan prefers to be very open about having cerebral palsy. “People are curious.” She believes in being honest and upfront and “getting it out of the way.” Having a sense of humor helps.Under federal law, public schools may no longer assume that all retarded children must be sent to special classrooms.

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Andrea Agnew has been writing professionally since 1993.

Her articles have appeared in journals such as "Perceptual and Motor Skills" and "Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities Research Journal." She is a psychology instructor and holds a Master of Science degree in psychology from the University of South Alabama.

The mildly mentally retarded are considered to be “educable,” meaning that they can achieve academically at about a sixth-grade level.

The moderately mentally retarded have the capacity to acquire academic skills comparable to those of a non-impaired second grade student, which would include basic counting, telling time and recognizing commonly used words.

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Mulligan says there are people who have told her to date exclusively within the disabled community, but she has not gone to any of the disabled personals. ” If you are disabled, perhaps the most important advice is to proceed with confidence.Both family and a new job as an investigator for the government brought her here. She says when she first started dating, she was attending a school for the disabled, so there weren’t a lot of options other than dating disabled folks.Her feeling about her new home, a place she describes as “a big city, small town,” is, “Say yes to everything! At first she minimized her disability, saying, “I didn’t put it out there.” Today, she dates men she finds attractive and interesting.She is pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership, policy and law at Alabama State University.Mentally challenged adults are clinically referred to as mentally retarded adults.Some are placed in special classrooms for children with learning disabilities, while others are placed in a regular classroom with a special aide.