Dumping cable TV still isn’t for everyone, but it’s much more doable than it used to be.With Sling TV, Play Station Vue, and Direc TV Now, you no longer need a cable box to get traditional cable channels.He was bumped from the show before filming when the show was perfect for the role of Arthur Spooner.

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First, Kevin James was cast on the show after his recurring character performance on , plays Sara, Carrie's sister.

Other cast members that play as Doug's friends were previously in other movies and guest appearances on other shows.

Finally, one of the most important roles was recast at the last minute.

Jack Carter was cast to play the role Arthur Spooner, Doug's father-in-law.

Sling TV, Play Station Vue, and Direc TV Now all offer dozens of channels without the hardware rental costs, hidden fees, or the steep annual rate increases of cable.

Hulu and (reportedly) You Tube are planning their own channel bundles as well.Spotify takes their cut, so they make something too. If someone is determined not to pay for music, then a paid streaming music service such as Spotify isn’t going to stop them.So Spotify isn’t going to nuke the world’s problem of illegal music sharing overnight.But the music studios faced a PR backlash for their heavy-handed bully boy tactics, and ironically this made people want to share files even more.In the end, the RIAA (the organization that looks after the interests of music artists in the US), had to abandon the whole lawsuit strategy, and ask the Internet Service Providers to take over. Spotify, along with its competitors, is a paid service called “streaming music”.So as we start the new year, the timing seemed right for another decision guide for cutting cable TV, updating the one I wrote two years ago.