Before she came to Girls United, she was shooting drugs into her neck and the only thing she wanted to do was get high.

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We’re hoping to have more of the participants from The Colony to talk to soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

2010 The Colony (TV Series) Herself - Don't Look Back (2010). Reno and becca the colony dating; The Colony Interviews: Reno Ministrelli. Request: Anyone who has been on the Discovery TV show The Colony .

But when Becka presumes to have more than one "best friend," the horrible accidents begin. Lizzie Mc Vay realizes that someone is murdering the five Prom Queen candidates one by one -- and that she may be next on the list!

She's been telling everyone in Shadyside that she's Becka Norwood's best friend. Honey systematically moves in on Becka's life, copying her in every way. But stir in one brutal murder -- then another, and another -- and the recipe quickly turns to horror.

In Girls Reunited, she is told to be making amends with her mother to where she is even seriously considering going home, happy.

However, when her mother reveals that she is a bitch who has a new boyfriend, whom she insists is a good guy, it causes Becka to panic.

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This set back brings her to attempt suicide, resulting in a house fire at Girls United.