My first impression is that the device is not easy to use or quick to learn, but this is simply due to the poor design of some of the icons.Once you understand what an icon represents it becomes easier, so a quick scan through the manual first won't do any harm!

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The 9000 introduces a number of unique features not available on any other platform which include a built-in GSM/GPRS data module that permits OTA (Over The Air) updates of the safety camera database, as well as Traffic and Weather.

This system also brings with it the ability to log in via a web portal and track the unit as well as send messages and destinations to the unit.

Its still a very good unit, simple to use, reliable and easy to fit.

The new Road Angel is a GPS based Speedtrap location system and the makers have gone beyond it just being a speedtrap warning system.

Blackspot Interactive have extensively researched the UK roads using information that's available from the various government departments and have added a full database on all the high risk Accident Blackspots on the UK roads. Windows Software for database updates arrives after you register the units with the warranty card, the unit arrives however fully loaded with the latest database. The Road Angel is a solid unit well built and looks great.

This makes the Road Angel a must have for the safety conscious driver. The Road Angel is equally at home on a bike with its Bike Screen Fitting Kit (Fitting bracket, weather proof cover and hard wire kit £19.95 inc. My first thought was the screen, it looks a little small and could be hard to read, how wrong I was.

This means that as soon as the device is switched on, the SIM registers with the Orange data network, the unit can receive updates over GPRS at any time.

So, as soon as a new camera site is added to the Road Angel database, those coordinates will be beamed directly to your Professional Connected, which will update its own database on the fly, while you’re driving.

This latest speed camera detector from Road Angel has more features than you could shake a stick at, but let’s start with the USP that I hinted at on the previous page.

The key is in the name – Road Angel Professional Connected – and it’s that Connected bit at the end that separates this device from the competition.

Not only are you going to be warned about all fixed speedtraps in plenty of time you are going to get a warning that you are approaching a high risk accident Blackspot area and no other GPS system yet offers this. Power the unit up by just plugging it in and the crisp and very clear screen illuminates in green showing you its getting a fix a few moments later its shows your speed, the speed reading is accurate.