Execute a single command as another user (root is the default). Access is controlled by a configuration file and can be made quite complex (see the man page).By default, any administrator use (bill of materials) file.Package management is probably the most distinctive feature of any Linux distribution.

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One problem that many distro-hoppers and operating system enthusiasts encounter is having to master (or relearn) a set of package management commands each time they switch from one distribution group to another.

Additionally, the package management tools tend to evolve, with new features and even new commands added to every new version.

Most PC users like you are also wondering about the identity of a Base System Device because the information provided by the Device Manager is insufficient.

Even the device properties only show the phrase Base System Device, thus, you are unable to specify which device drivers are needed; unlike if you have hardware device problems such as Other Devices Ethernet Card, where your Device Manager shows that the problematic device is the Ethernet Card of your PC, and you can now focus on finding and installing its drivers.

This can be used to find out what files an installer will add/replace in your system before running it.

It can also be used to find out what files a past install messed with.

Easy Way to Identify, Find and Install Base System Device Driver Before you started to search online for your PC’s BSD driver, you probably tried installing it through your Device Manager.

Sadly, most of the time, the option to update device drivers through the Device Manager does not work and is unable to fix this BSD related issue.

Debian's Synaptic or Mandriva's Drakrpm), these types of programs are generally just graphical front-ends to the low-level utilities that manage the tasks associated with installing packages on a Linux system.

And even though many desktop Linux users feel much more comfortable installing packages through these intuitive graphical tools, there is no denying that command-line package management offers two excellent features not available in any graphical package management utility: power and speed.

Attach an additional IP address (aka an alias or subinterface) to the built-in ethernet port.