The night ends the Block Party Concert in the Dome, and with the lineup not announced yet here are the top 10 performers Syracuse students want to see headline the concert.

No party is complete without a couple of Young Thug songs.

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Midwesterners speak the purest form of American English, and everyone else in America is a weirdo with a funny accent.

At least that's what most Michiganders probably think.

If that fails, try the common numbers like 311, 958 and 200-222-2222.

If you find the ANAC number for your area, please let us know.

(800)238-4959 A voice mail system (800)328-2630 A phone sex line (800)568-3197 Info Access Telephone Company's Automated Blocking Line (800)571-8859 A phone sex line (800)692-6447 (800)MY-ANI-IS (800)769-3766 Duke Power Company Automated Outage System (800)455-3256 Unknown An non-800 ANAC that works nationwide is 404-988-9664.

The one catch with this number is that it must be dialed with the AT&T Carrier Access Code 10732.

Note that many times the ANAC number will vary for different switches in the same city.

The geographic naming on the list is NOT intended to be an accurate reference for coverage patterns, it is for convenience only.

I always figured that nobody thought they had an accent.

Plus, if Midwesterners do have an accent, it's more or less the same one that most news anchors and actors across the nation have been coached to use.

” Using the speech patterns I picked up during my childhood in industrial Michigan, I had pronounced the name of Texas’s second-largest city “Dayul-is.” That’s what linguists call “short-a” rising, and it’s a signature feature of the Inland North accent, a barbed, nasal strain of English spoken in the Lower Great Lakes region, from Rochester, N. on the east to Davenport, Iowa, on the west – an area roughly coterminous with the Rust Belt.