is the Federal Government’s premier online shopping superstore that provides a purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire needed products and services. assures agencies that they are getting GSA-negotiated prices from GSA-approved sources.Companies must upload their pricelist to GSA Advantage!BH Sky combines your SIP files (iprod, iprice and iphoto) into .

Managing a GSA Schedule contract is not an easy task.

There are many moving parts, which require organization, knowledge, and upkeep.

In January GSA sent an e-mail message to those Schedules contractors who had not updated their GSA Advantage!

In the e-mail, contractors were advised to update their files within 90 days to avoid removal of their catalog information from GSA Advantage!

Companies are required to keep an up-to-date Systems for Award Management (SAM) Registration in order to have a GSA contract.

This registration lasts for only a year and companies often forget to renew their registration.

We will create and upload your online catalog to provide ease for browsing purchasing agents.

Once we have complied your price list based on the terms and conditions that were identified, reviewed and negotiated subsequent to your contract award.(You may only include those items, terms and conditions that were awarded.) We will upload your Price List to SIP for approval.

You will be able to see what your catalog will look like before you approve it for transmission to Advantage, and what you see on Advantage will match what you approved.