Libra possesses incredible social skills and is highly diplomatic.

Water-bearers are known to distance themselves during the regeneration phase.

Although, it may seem selfish, it is an honest effort to avoid hurting anyone.

They are over-sensitive, and easily wounded in their feelings.

AQUARIANS have great desire for material gain, but are not greedy.

Aquarius signs are attracted to and usually surrounded by unusual and unique people. These lovers like creativity and novelty in the bedroom.

They will nurture and love Libra while enjoying a natural mental connection. Both the Libra and Aquarius lover will lead the way in the bedroom, but Libra is usually the most aggressive. Astrological Compatibility Horoscope Sexual Astrology Natal Report Personal Custom Monthly Report Torn Between Two Lovers Report Love & Romance Forecast Report Horoscopes & Astrology Reports For Women, Men, Gay Men, Lesbian Women What is Astrological Compatibility How To Seduce A Man By Sun Sign How To Seduce A Woman By Sun Sign Astro Dating Tips Woman & Man Chinese Compatibility Opposites Attract Birthday Horoscope Sign Compatibility Aquarius and Libra: Libra loves the arts and socializing. A great first date would be a documentary film or art exhibit.The Libra lover is a perfectionist and loves a lavish lifestyle.Aquarius personality is very independent, any attempt to hold them down or restrict them will cause them, to flee. Independence is not just desired by Aquarius, it is essential to their well being.Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another.Libra lovers want to be complimented, courted and impressed.