I got this i Pod touch last month, and I've been trying to update the artwork, and artist names on it.I've done it manually, and in i Tunes everything appears fine, but on the actual i Pod it never updates. It's really becoming frustrating, and problematic. Pardon me for asking the obvious, but are you connecting it to the computer with the sync cable?

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And we also provide you with some common i OS 10 update problems and related solutions, which may be helpful if you plan to install i OS 10 on your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch.

Although it has been a long time since the officially release of i Tunes 12, there are still a variety of i Tunes 12 sync issues encountered by Apple users, such as can't find the sidebar, "Other" increased after syncing files with i Tunes 12, device cannot be detected by i Tunes 12, Apps won't update when tap Update in the App Store, etc.

To force the download of the covers on i OS, make sure you are on wifi and then go to the Music app and tap on . And apply it across all the albums mp3s using the aforementioned tool.

As each album comes to view on your screen you'll notice the album art gets downloaded and becomes available (you can confirm this by the spinning wheel icon on the top left of the status bar. Upon adding the tracks to i Tunes, it will sync and play with the proper artwork always.

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To smoothly solve the i Tunes 12 sync issues, we have summarized the most commonly encountered i Tunes 12 problems you may met. Unable to Sync Audiobooks from i Tunes to i Phone Q17. I've downloaded Album art for every song on my i Pod Touch - although the album art matches each song correctly in my i Tunes library on my desktop, about 1/3 of the songs have the incorrect album art on my i Pod.For example, a song by Chicago that has Chicago album art on my i Tunes library, displays album art for Flo Rida when that Chicago song is playing on my i Pod.Notre site dépend de ces cookies pour fonctionner correctement.Si vous souhaitez continuer vers le site, nous supposerons que vous acceptez notre utilisation des cookies pour le bon fonctionnement de notre site et pour des publicités ciblées en fonction de vos intérêts.I should also note that I had to turn the Use Cellular Data setting on while away from Wi Fi (easy step to miss!