It’s a high-performance, race-ready demon, and you’ve invested a lot in making sure it meets all the expectations you have of such a finely tuned machine.

However, when it comes to health and fitness, the demands of your millionaire lifestyle might mean that your body isn’t reaching peak performance.

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Backlinks play a huge roll in getting visitors known as traffic to websites and blogs.

Backlinks from different directories, blogs, websites, articles all help direct traffic to websites and blogs.

Today most Word Press photography themes, restaurant themes, church themes, and other types of themes have built-in support for post thumbnails.

In this article we will show you how to add featured images or post thumbnails in Word Press.

Most themes such as Genesis and others support featured images by default.

An easy way to figure out whether your theme supports featured images is by going to the post editor.

You might be thinking why are we using featured image and post thumbnail interchangeably.

Well, when this feature was first introduced in Word Press 2.9, it was called post thumbnails.

However, in the next version it was renamed to featured image.