When I first started out most matchmakers had no brand identity, websites that looked like they were created the day the web launched and they were only really geared towards the older generations.

Now we see matchmakers appealing to different demographics, at different price points, nationwide.

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SWITCH AND BAIT (Grand Central, Summer ’18) A humorous retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac in which an online dating matchmaker and profile/messaging ghostwriter starts falling for one of her clients’ matches, finding herself in an ethical dilemma.

During our time together, we will specifically focus on improving your dating, relationship and communication skills so that each and every one of your dates is an opportunity for success.

A therapist will often focus on their client’s inner life and past history.

While I care about those things, my interests are more in the here and now and how to affect immediate change.

I am passionate about helping you move through the process to achieve your goal.

I love to see clients take their new knowledge and awareness into practice.

Renowned dating coach and matchmaker Rachel Greenwald, MBA, MEd, has shared her practical wisdom on hundreds of TV shows including NBC’s Find out why she’s such a sought-after expert, and take home ideas you can use from special presentations: Why Can’t I find the Right Partner?

You’re a great catch – and yet you’re still looking. Rachel hosts a fun, fascinating trivia contest focused on love, with topics spanning art, music, literature, biology, philosophy and sports.

“The Online Dating Course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to create an online dating profile.