Although former supermodels have appeared as judges on the show, Rob is the first working model to be cast and he has been warned reaction to the show is likely to catapult him further into the spotlight.

He said: “At the moment I can walk down the street in New York and people don’t know who I am unless they are into fashion but I have been warned that will all change when America’s Next Top Model airs.

He said: “We’d go for dinner when we were filming and she would call me up in New York but we were never ‘officially dating’.

“I would eventually like to move into acting as it has a longer life-span than modelling,” he said.

Last week, the pair were seen enjoying cocktails at the Palihouse in Los Angeles, with the pair leaving for Robert's hotel room after the British hunk had paid the bill.

Viewers in America will also be able to play a part in voting for the winner, who Rob is keeping tight-lipped about.“We began filming with 30 girls and I spotted two girls early on who I liked and who both made it to the final so I was happy with either of them to win,” he said.

Rob is now considering an acting career having recently attended a casting for the latest Fast and Furious film.

Judging panel changes: This cycle was Judgepocalypse Now. In this way, the cycle's worst villain was Tyra herself: a producer who lost vision of what her own show should be, taking out friends and angering fans in the process.

Winner: Nicole Fox Favorite Model: Erin Wagner Cycle Villain: Erin Wagner Judging panel changes: Tyra, J.

But as far as drama went, this season left a lot to be desired.

return maybe should have stayed home (hello, Alexandria).

Would-be contestants are already being whittled down in Los Angeles, with the first challenge for semi-finalists being a selfie photoshoot on an EDM-inspired runway.