The designer behind the name was Vera Neumann, an artist turned textile designer.

tee hee.) Above: Vintage Vera tea towel – ripe summer peaches, $27 from paddieridge on

Mention vintage scarves and the name "Vera" immediately comes to mind.

They built a small silkscreen printing press to fit on their dining room table which was only large enough to produce linen placemats. They were soon joined by their friend Frederick Werner Hamm, a recent German immigrant who also had a background in textiles.

Hamm used his sales skills to secure their first order from the department store B. Walter Erhard worked alongside Vera and created 50% of the designs.

George came from a textile design family and was incredibly supportive of Vera’s ambitions.

After the couple married in 1938, they built a small silkscreen to fit on a kitchen table in their tiny New York apartment.

After high school, Vera attended art school at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and enrolled in classes at the Traphagen School of Design after graduation.

The two moved into a small studio on 17th street where they decided to merge their career backgrounds and began their company, Printex.

Her father gave her 50 cents for each sketchbook she could fill with her drawings as well as taking her to The Metropolitan Museum of Art every Sunday.