For many people RSS feed readers like Google Reader, Netvibe etc have become convenient ways of getting the latest news at one place.

Hence I find it annoying when some websites that offer constantly updated content in a “” format, but neglect to offer this option, either deliberately or just being lethargic.

reddit rss feed not updating-31

In addition to that, some websites do not offer multiple RSS feeds for each category/author. Initially I had disabled multiple feeds for some stupid reason, but now I do not remember how I made that change.

This is where some free online services come to the rescue.

If you care about timeliness, you need to be certain your sources are updating their Twitter feeds simultaneous with the site update (many don’t, including TIME).

Others don’t use Twitter at all, or do so inconsistently, piping only some of their content over.

Preprocessing the feed using a custom php script on your own server is an easy workaround for this.

Basic knowledge about php should be enough to get this running.

With the RSS/Atom Reader Widget you can publish news feeds on your website, blog or facebook page quickly and easily!

The next reasonable thing for you to do might be to create a new RSSbox. Style the appearance of the news feed just as you want and copy & paste a simple piece of HTML/Javascript or PHP to integrate a brand-new, automatically updated RSS/Atom Feed Widget into your website. Basically, an RSSbox is an RSS reader widget - a rectangular area on your website or blog displaying text and images from RSS feeds.

Let’s talk about why you might want to rethink that strategy, then run through the top RSS services in a post–Google Reader world. You configure the client to scrutinize and pull story info from each site (or a subcategorized feed within a site), then sit back and watch the content roll in.

Yes, you can sort of do this with alternate tools like Twitter Lists, but it gets tricky.

If you don’t care about immediacy, or you’re sure the sites you follow are Twitter-synchronous, Twitter Lists may be for you.