This article does not cover user authentication, although it is ubiquitous in networking, including email submission and retrieval.

In the early 1980s, when Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) was designed, it provided for no real verification of sender.

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The following code example demonstrates how to create a custom user name and password validator.

Do not use the code that overrides the Validate method in a production environment.

Email authentication, or validation, is a collection of techniques aimed at equipping messages of the email transport system with verifiable information about their origin.

It is a coarse-grained authentication, usually at Administrative Management Domain (ADMD) and implies no sort of authorization.

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The legalization process involves the affirmation of document validity through the evaluation of original signatures, stamp prints, and seals.

Email authentication is a necessary first step towards identifying the origin of messages, and thereby making policies and laws more enforceable.

However, it does not establish whether an ADMD has a good reputation or whether it should be trusted.

They are then individually deemed as authentic components to support the validity of the paperwork.