For hours he had worshipped Her body, bringing Her to her first orgasm with his fingers from behind.

Basic was 1st husband had me dressed sexy and took me for dinner in London to a small hotel/restaurant that apparently catered to black people mainly visiting the UK from various parts of Africa.

Was small and mostly men, think there were only one other white women there and she disappeared quickly....

As She found the male chastity device he wore during the day uncomfortable to sleep against, She had come up with an alternative.

His hands were loosely cuffed, locked with small padlocks to a chain between running up to the headboard.

She is a relatively new author on Literotica, but I've enjoyed her stories, most of which involve themes of lesbian domination and submission. Writing a story about women allows me to reveal what they are thinking and why they are are acting in a particular way. One theme that is common to Lit because it's prevalent in real life is the woman that is trapped in society's expectations of her role and her behavior when she colors "outside the lines." That is probably the area I enjoy the most.

Her stories are highly rated and have received many comments. It's great fun to escape from the hum drum of the day-to-day and to enter a world of your inner fantasies.

I've cleaned up some grammar and spelling, but not much since I wanted to preserve the original feel of the conversation. Am 33 skinny blonde and as horny as hell most of the time.... Thanks (NAME CENSORED) Should have given you a clue... It's a much different theme than the story you read.

I've often wondered how much of what she wrote (assuming she's really a she; for all I know she's a guy writing as a woman) is true and how much was fantasy. I'm able to suspend disbelief completely if it is a fantasy on her part. Much of it could be called misogynistic or racist; sometimes that would, in fact, be putting it mildly. HER: You are welcome, you have NO idea how close to real life for me it came .... 1st husband was 17 years older and he turned on watching or hearing about me being used and abused by other men .... Had some fantastic times and relaying the events back to him while he played with himself was exactly as your story went ... But I am working on some more stuff along those lines too.

Some of what is contained in this story likely isn't a good idea in real life. He had been listening to Her for an hour now, by the digital clock, and still He couldn't fall asleep.