I observed the male doing most of the feeding and starting to lose his breeding plumage in the process.

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Not far away hovered an anxious Southern-masked weaver female with a tasty morsel in her mouth. During the next couple of days I tracked the strange relationship between the Southern-masked weaver hosts and the cuckoo chick; the host parents arriving regularly at top speed with an array of tasty little insect tidbits ranging from spiders to dragonflies to worms.

In the course of the next 3 weeks, the little Diederik cuckoo grew at an alarming rate, soon outgrowing the increasingly frazzled looking southern-masked weaver host.

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One morning, after monitoring a particular nest for days in anxious anticipation for some sign of movement, I heard a few loud chirps in a yellow trumpetbush in the vicinity of the nest.

Upon taking a closer look, I found myself staring in disbelief at a Diederiks cuckoo chick amongst the foliage!

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Rabelais wrote the Tiers Livers of Gargantua and Pantagruel in 1546, by which time the symbol of the horns was "so well-known and over-used that the author could barely avoid making reference to it".