] Let's go back to pre-2010, over half a decade ago when Kim was partying hard with Reggie Bush.

Roy's presence is rumored to be a big reason the Carters skipped Kardashian and West's wedding (and perhaps the couple's engagement), but the bad blood doesn't end there.

Sources told the flirty with Jay and turned on the charm even more at the after-party.

Kanye’s catastrophic “30 showers” comment made it worse.

Amber dated NBA player, James Harden briefly before they broke up.

West, Kim Kardashian of being a “homewrecker.” Things turned to an ugly showdown between the model and the Kardashians.

Not only did Rose have a Twitter spat with Kim’s sister, Khloe, she also claimed to have dated Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush. Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose were engaged in a Twitter war today.Meanwhile, Amber's estranged husband Wiz Khalifa was busy adding new followers, notably Khloe. The feud between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose on Twitter continues.While dating Kanye, she became friends with Beyonce and Jay Z and also landed a few big modeling gigs.However, their relationship came to an end in 2010 with Rose accusing the now Mrs.Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian West are two of the most bootylicious ladies around, and they have a looooong history together!