Although the conversations and people in these games are entirely fictional, it does help a single person know what to say if they wish to approach someone in real life.The most anticipated love-sim from Japan ever, now available in English!So after trawling through multiple different dictionaries, I came up with this one—basically a compilation of many other online attempts with a few novel terms of my own added in.

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Yuribou: This hentai dictionary sort of evolved out of me being dissatisfied that there were no real glossaries out there that were complete for explaining all the random Japanese terms that cropped up in hentai and hentai manga.

The game's been under development since the beta ended, and reportedly is already 180,000 words long including all three paths in the game - longer than I think there might be a bit of dashed expectations between the players and the game, because new people come to the blog and they think that every one of the 21 heroes is going to be in it.

And with the length of the script, that’s simply not possible for us right now.

Note that I use revised Hepburn romanization (except for Yuribou's name) and American English.

For pronunciation, see my Japanese Pronunciation Guide.

And we might work on that going forward and add one route every now and then, but I think that one or two people might be disappointed that their love interest was not included.

I expect it less from Blizzard if the content isn’t objectionable.

Because I know the people who made [the] Starcraft 2 visual novel, and Blizzard okayed that.