, he dropped down and put her crotch in his face on stage.Instead of walking away, Ri Ri gripped his head and flashed the crowd a sneaky smile.For what feels like most of his career, Drake and Rihanna were linked in multiple relationship rumors, which have since died down when speculation of Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating came to light earlier this year.

Drake has always been famous for his relationships.

From his debut album , fans of the rapper became curious about his love life and wondered who songs like “Best I Ever Had” were about.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 20: Singer Rihanna (L) and rapper Drake perform during the 2011 NBA All-Star game halftime show at Staples Center on February 20, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

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We were all shocked to learn that Drake and Rihanna broke up only two months after beginning their relationship.

Although there seemed to be no apparent reason for the breakup, fans are now finding out that it might not be as sudden as it all seemed to be.The rapper looks really happy with Sade nestled under his arm, making fans think she might be Drake’s new girlfriend in 2017.Whether or not the two are actually dating is not known at this time.Supposedly the new camo shark was choosen as a reference to one of their dates, where he took her to an aquarium in Toronto and bought her a stuffed animal shark.Rihanna and Drake have occupied our thoughts for a while now - we just wish that he'd declare his love for her on stage or something.Well, funny that, because that's what happened last night at the MTV VMAs.