Searching the text of the formulas is a bit annoying.

How often do you say to yourself, “Wow, I wonder in which cell I used the SQRTPI function?

Set Goals – Knowing your goals gives you vision and direction, helping you manage your time, priorities and resources to achieve those goals.

Each cell may contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.

A spreadsheet may also refer to one such electronic document.

” But even more annoying are the other settings, such as Match Case and Match Entire Cell Contents.

These settings can be useful, but if you happened to change them at a.m.

It lists all those things that you don’t won’t forget in a sorted and prioritised order.

When you complete items they are re-formatted and moved to the bottom of the list.

The Consolidate Data wizard enables you to merge data by cell position or by category name.

If all of the spreadsheets use the same category headings, you can merge data by category name regardless of where the categories and data are located on the spreadsheets.

today and haven’t closed Excel since then, even though you’ve opened and closed 40 other workbooks and are working on something completely different, Excel will remember that previous setting.

You will often get stung by a strange setting left behind earlier in the day, or even a setting changed when a macro tried to use the Find command with Match Entire Cell Contents turned on.

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