Nine times out of ten, I sort of knew I’d end up going out (or at least engaging in some sort of sexual activity) with these guys – but initially and fundamentally, we were pals.

So why is dating friends so much better than dating the people you meet out and about?

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Everything may seem just perfect with a male BFF in your arm, but is it really as simple as it seems or are you just wearing those murky rose tinted glasses again?

Guy best friends and your life First off, men aren’t built to blend in with women and gossip about last year’s fashion and fancy detox diets.

Well, for one thing, you know what you’re dealing with.

I’ve only dated a couple of people without knowing them first and it was a real struggle initially.

As in, “He’s my, um, friend.”You might also refer to him as something more detached, like my “plus-one,” “prospect” or literally, like, “This is my date.” Some prefer the tongue-in-cheek “not-boyfriend.” You can be coy (“fancy friend”) or a bit crass (“makeout buddy”) or cheesy (“this is my luvvah”) or even snobbish/fake-French. He’s just my au courant.”) They’ll probably be too impressed to even ask what it means (well-informed or fashionable, for the record).

If you break up with someone in your office, you’ll never be able to use the same water machine again.Donna Barnes, a relationship coach and author of , thinks dating more than one person at a time is good because it keeps you from being too focused on any one person until you decide to be exclusive.But there’s a caveat: “If you and your friends are using the same dating apps, it’s best to show your friends who you are very interested in,” she says.“Social media and online dating have become so popular, it’s more difficult for women to follow the ‘girl code’ because virtual lines can become ambiguous,” says licensed clinical psychologist Dr. In other words, you may not even realize when you’re crossing a line and jeopardizing your friendships.Here’s how to deal with friends and dating in cases where modern technology is involved.And when women see a man seeks validation, what's the equivalent of her to validate him? And when women see a man seeks validation, what's the equivalent of her to validate him? (Anna Pulley)That word might feel too intense for your situation, in which case, here are some other suggestions.