After helping Team Flash defeat Grodd and his gorilla army, she decided to move to Earth One with Wally West, whom she is currently dating. Labs particle accelerator of Earth One, Jesse gradually managed to unlock her Speed Force connection, becoming a meta-human speedster and a hero.Brynn Gingras is famous for being the American national correspondent who covers major breaking news for the CNN based in New York city.

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Erica Grow is an American meteorologist and a television reporter who currently works with WNBC-TV in New York city.

She also worked as the new weekend evening meteorologist for the flagship NBC station WNBC in New York city. He also appeared on the third season of 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Bond is an imperialist, misogynist, sociopath who goes around bedding women and swilling martinis and killing people.

The movies have a formula, they stick to it, and it makes them a lot of money.

Former Miss Missouri USA 2008 Candice Crawford is a journalist as well as the reporter who worked for KOMU-TV reporting the high school sports.

She has participated in several beauty competitions holding the top ten position in each.

, also known as Jesse Quick, is the daughter of Harrison Wells of Earth Two. However, after learning Savitar had plans for her, she left Earth One to take over for Jay Garrick as the "Flash" of Earth Three, until Savitar is once again imprisoned and Jay returns from the Speed Force.

A college student on her Earth, Jesse was used by Zoom in a plot to turn her father against Team Flash. When Earth One's Flash was taken prisoner by Zoom in early 2016, the hero told Jesse that he was going to break her out.

Barry reassured her that everything he had done since he met him was to save Jesse.

Soon after, Zoom arrived and told Jesse she's only alive so he could kill her in front of her father.

According to Greg Auman of the the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft, and he was second in the NFL in interceptions (18) and tied for third fumbles (10) this past season.