It's interesting how our culture shapes – or in most instances, misshapes – how we view concepts in the Bible.

As a kid, when I first heard that Christians are to be the bride of Christ, I had a hard time understanding how being a bride related to my life.

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The idea of being someone's bride was completely foreign to me.

The Gospel of John says the church is to be the bride of Christ collectively and that we are His bride on an individual level. ' But the way I look at it as a single guy is that I think about my future wife: Where is she? A lot of times, I'll pray for her, not even knowing who she is, so that when that day comes, she and I will both be pure. The thought of being the bride of Christ means there is someone who can totally consume me – and all my passions and desires can go toward loving Him."Whether you're a single woman or man, attempting to place yourself in an unknown or incomprehensible experience is difficult.

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Title: Beyond Our Selves Author: Catherine Marshall Publisher: Chosen Books, 1961 Genre: Non-Fiction Labels: Depression, Crisis of Faith, Christian Living, Overcoming Adversity Format: Hardcover Age: Adult Pages: 266 Rating: 3 Stars Summary: Catherine Marshall's idea for Beyond Our Selves began with her illness in 1943, she'd been very ill with the early symptoms of tuberculosis.

Looking back on that time in her life, "with four walls" to surround her during her recuperation.

Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You. "Within the Christian family, there are corners where spats and squabbles quickly erupt around several hot issues, one of which is about origins and the opening chapters of Genesis. John “Jack” Collins, professor of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary, accomplished author, Old Testament chair on the translation committee for the English Standard Version of the Bible and Old Testament Editor for the ESV Study Bible, has several times waded into these roiling waters.

In 2006 he masterfully tackled the opening chapters of the Pentateuch in his 336 page paperback “Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary” where he did the necessary grunt work of hammering out a discourse analysis approach of these four seminal chapters.

"God be merciful to us & bless us, & cause His face to shine upon us.

That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.

The Bible has nothing good to say about homosexual practice.