I have this hot and heavy scene with a very beautiful actress. But with Anne and Diana, I like to think it’s a true reflection of the time, that girls particularly when they are young and close, really do love each other. It’s a pretty sexual expression, and it may be whatever it becomes but that’s really the basis of Anne’s story. Catherine’s got hunky Nostradamus helping her scheme. She’s fiercely loyal to her son, so it’s not like she’s just malicious. And who wouldn’t want hunky Nostradamus as a sidekick?

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For girls who grew up in the eighties, Anne of Green Gables was seminal TV viewing. Anne’s hair became especially huge in Anne of Avonlea. Now, don’t forget this was also an eighties expression of a Gibson do. Well, I like to say Reign is the 24 of the pre-Renaissance.

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Francis really did die months after his marriage to Mary.

Diana is a soul mate for Anne, who had never had a friend or a family. He tells her that her future daughter-in-law, Mary, will be the end of her son. When you look Catherine up, there are references to the dark arts and witchcraft, so we have the right to explore that stuff.

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