Maybe/Probably majority of native english speakers do not think that way. In the usage Bert's describing, both "also" and "even" essentially add another item to some list.

(A speaker using either one has the expectation that others are aware of the existence of such a list. (There's a list of people who got that question wrong. Note: I'm not turning this into a conversation about spoken vs.

I thought OK, now or never, looked around for someone and found a nice-looking girl going through the books at the bestsellers table.

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"She'll Love It" is a guide to all sorts of gift ideas, from books to weekend trips, plus practical and socially responsible gifts.

There are a bunch of real-life anecdotes, some from contributors in the Meaningless Drivel forum!

You can also find the link to the TOC of the book from the above thread.

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Did the authors address the issue of "ease of reading"? It's big picture, more about concepts than the absolute latest specific technology. just 320 pages or so to cover everything in the book.

Hi Guys, I hope that this thread doesn't become political or not nice!

Think of it as the interface for a dating application server: you just hook up to services that are there in the system already.